Alfa Romeo Reveals the History Behind the Infamous Quadrifoglio

When it comes to magnificent history, none can compare to that of Alfa Romeo. FCA's subsidiary performance brand has experienced both triumph and tragedy throughout the decades, immortalizing the careers of many infamous drivers -- but it has perhaps immortalized Ugo Sivocci like no other. In 1924, notorious for his second-place wins, Sivocci painted a four leaf clover surrounded by a square on the side of his car in a last effort to muster up some luck. That was his first first-place winning race. Sadly, he did not paint his newfound luck charm on the Alfa Romeo P1 when he tested it a few weeks later. His test ended in a crash and the loss of his life. Since then, the brand changed the square into a triangle, commemorating Ugo through the lost corner. Read the whole article in the link below.



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